Statement of Commitment

CEU Careers is committed to providing students and alumni with information about a wide range of career opportunities with organizations in the public, private, multilateral, and non-profit sectors around the world.

We share this information through channels including:

  • the CEU careers platform CareerNext;
  • the CEU Careers website;
  • the Career Connection Newsletter;
  • careers education events;
  • virtual and on-campus information sessions featuring specific career paths and opportunities;
  • on-campus employer presentations.

The CEU Careers employer outreach strategy is informed by multiple sources, including data regarding alumni career paths, student career aspirations expressed during group and one-on-one sessions, engagement with faculty and with practitioners affiliated with CEU, institutional partnerships, and ongoing research into developments in professional fields of potential relevance to CEU students. 

CEU Careers has particularly strong relationships with organizations in Central Europe; the office is committed to the ongoing process of expanding the global reach, breadth, and relevance across CEU departments of the careers information it shares and the employer connections it develops.