Career Development Opportunities Across CEU

CEU is committed to ensuring that its graduates are prepared to transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement. Support for student professional development is offered through a range of programs and initiatives across the university.

For all students

Student Engagement Office: get involved with the local community while gaining experience and developing skills

BOOST: Bringing Objectives, Options and Strategies Together certificate program focused on professional development

Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program: an initiative of the university's Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO)

Human Rights Initiative (HRSI): HRSI's mission is to promote social engagement through awareness raising and capacity building, including intensive skills workshops for CEU community members.

Mirabaud Media Lab: a resource for students, faculty, and staff to produce and edit media production projects, and for instruction in courses that incorporate the lab’s specialized applications

Visual Studies Platform (VSP): CEU’s cross-disciplinary initiative designed to explore and propose innovative approaches to research and teaching visual imagery in the digital century

VSP Advanced Certificate Program in Visual Theory and Practice (VTP): certificate program and stand-alone courses offering professionally-relevant training focused on forging connections across disciplines, critical analysis of visual production, and the skills required to produce creative works

Especially for doctoral students

Global Teaching Fellowship Program (GTFP): opportunities for CEU doctoral candidates to gain valuable teaching experience with partner universities around the world

Yehuda Elkana Centre: support for CEU doctoral students as they grow as apprentices and future teachers, scholars, and educational leaders