Onsite Internship Story: Iva Dimovska (GENS '21)

Name of intern: Iva Dimovska 

CEU department and program: Gender Studies, PhD in Comparative Gender Studies  

Year of graduation: 2021 

Name of internship host organization: PrivatePrint, Art Book Publishing House and Studio  


What did you do during your internship? Can you describe a typical day in the office?  

During my three-month internship at PrivatePrint, an art book publisher and an interdisciplinary art studio, I was in charge of various tasks closely related to both my academic interests and expertise, as well as my professional editorial experience. I was very happy to have the opportunity to help PrivatePrint with their day-to-day activities such as: writing blog entries for their website, doing translations, and writing grant proposals for future projects. The biggest project I worked on was a translation of a book from Macedonian to English that came out this fall.  

How did the internship help you implement your knowledge gained at CEU and/or your previous experience?  

Primarily, this internship allowed me to apply my rather theoretical expertise in a practical manner while implementing literary, feminist, and gender-based approaches and working on a significant grant proposal for a big local and regional project that PrivatePrint will be working on in the upcoming period. I also managed to establish a lot of local connections through my daily work, which will help me advance my professional interests and expertise after the completion of my PhD.  

How will this internship help you in your career?  

I plan to stay in touch with PrivatePrint and further strengthen the professional connections I established during the internship. I hope to be involved in a number of their upcoming projects. I will also attempt to stay connected with some of the organizations and professionals I had the chance to meet/work with this summer. I believe these connections will help me broaden my professional horizons, an aspect that is much needed at this point in my career. They will also help me establish myself in a more significant manner in my local context, which I now see in a different light and for which I have a newly found appreciation. This will increase my professional expertise and employability.  

How did you find this internship?  

I was very lucky to have already had some initial contact with PrivatePrint, a very significant up-and-coming publishing institution that promotes independent culture and raises awareness about new media and forms of expression in contemporary art both in Macedonia and abroad. Before the internship, I had already collaborated with PrivatePrint on some shorter pieces for their blog. This internship was a perfect opportunity to consolidate that working relationship.  

Do you have advice for current students regarding internships? 

I truly believe that doing an internship is a wonderful opportunity for CEU PhD and MA students who tend to spend a lot of time outside their local communities. It allows them to redevelop connections in their local contexts and get some professional experience beyond academia. Having this in mind, I would suggest looking into a sector that fits your interests, but is still an underexplored area for you. Doing an internship is a great chance to discover what you want from a professional setting and whether the reality matches with your expectations. This experience can then be used as a stepping stone for future development.