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To update your alumni record, request a CEU alumni card and/or apply for CEU Alumni VPN access, please visit the corresponding page of the CEU Alumni Office.

Have you recently moved or change your job? Would you like to order CEU Alumni Card* or have access to CEU Library databases? Use this form to request these alumni benefits or to update your alumni record. Keeping your record updated helps us send you the most relevant CEU news and updates based on your current location and the industry where you work. If you haven’t received alumni news and updates from CEU lately, make sure to subscribe to the CEU alumni mailing list. Thank you for helping us stay connected!

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*CEU alumni card is free and doesn’t expire. It gives you free access to our campus in Vienna and Budapest site, as well as to our library in both cities. No prior arrangement is required for a campus visit if you have the alumni card. You can also request book borrowing rights at the CEU Library Info Desk by showing your alumni card.