Help CEU Students

Our ability to serve CEU students and alumni depends on the input and enthusiasm of alumni volunteers around the world.

There are many ways you can help us support the professional development of CEU students and your fellow alumni, including:

Sharing a fellowship, full-time position and/or summer internship opportunity with us.
Do you know of an opportunity that might be of interest to the CEU community? Let us know, and we’ll make sure to share the news with current students and alumni.

Working with us to develop internship opportunities specifically tailored to CEU students.
CEU students are increasingly interested in internships as a way of putting what they learn in the classroom to practice while gaining relevant professional experience.
Sharing information about your career path via an alumni career talk.
Students and alumni value opportunities to learn about the career paths of members of the CEU alumni community. It’s especially meaningful when an alum makes time to speak about the ups and downs of his or her path.
Holding an employer information session for CEU students and alumni.
Many alumni make arrangements to represent their employer for an employer information session. Let us know if the work your employer is doing is relevant for the CEU community and you think the organization might be interested in taking on emerging CEU talent. We’re glad to arrange an in-person or virtual employer information session.

Inspired to help? Contact us by filling out this form.